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Trowbridge, Wiltshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Emily  1870Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2326
2 Barrett, Fanny  1867Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2324
3 Barrett, Henry  1869Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2325
4 Barrett, James  1843Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2322
5 Benjamin, May Ada  1904Trowbridge, Wiltshire I0610
6 Jarvice, Susanna  1811Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2304
7 Keates, Emma  1856Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2319
8 Keates, Fanny Jane  1857Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2320
9 Keates, Rosina  1860Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2321
10 Keates, Simeon  1837Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2318
11 Morris, Alice  1869Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2550
12 Morris, Arthur Charles  1885Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2492
13 Morris, Edith N  1889Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2503
14 Morris, Elizabeth  1857Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2545
15 Morris, Ellen  1862Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2548
16 Morris, Elsie E  1891Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2504
17 Morris, Emily  1864Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2549
18 Morris, Emily Louisa  1872Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2497
19 Morris, Ethel  1893Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2505
20 Morris, Florence  1887Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2502
21 Morris, Fred  1860Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2547
22 Morris, George  1827Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2541
23 Morris, George Daniel  09 Dec 1846Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2495
24 Morris, George F  1881Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2500
25 Morris, Georgiana  1875Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2498
26 Morris, Herbert J  1882Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2501
27 Morris, John  1853Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2543
28 Morris, Rose  1876Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2499
29 Morris, Sarah A  1855Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2544
30 Morris, William  1859Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2546
31 Morris, Winnie  1896Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2506
32 Purnel, Thurza  1827Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2313
33 Randall, Mary Ann  1822Trowbridge, Wiltshire I3025
34 Richmond, Abraham  1843Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2310
35 Richmond, Edward  25 Feb 1811Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2303
36 Richmond, Edward  1837Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2307
37 Richmond, Eleazer  Jun 1855Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2314
38 Richmond, Eleazer Farris  1834Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2305
39 Richmond, Francis Clara  1841Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2309
40 Richmond, Frank  1856Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2315
41 Richmond, Frederick  1845Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2311
42 Richmond, John Henry  1850Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2312
43 Richmond, Mary Louisa  Mar 1868Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2316
44 Richmond, Nannassah  1839Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2308
45 Richmond, Rhoda Farris  1836Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2306
46 Richmond, Thirza  Mar 1854Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2317
47 Wiltshire, Arthur  1881Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2298
48 Wiltshire, Ellen  1869Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2293
49 Wiltshire, Emily  1889Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2301
50 Wiltshire, Frank  1874Trowbridge, Wiltshire I2296

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